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Acorn Project

Deep electro-funk grooves and sonic instrumental exploration interlaced with a provocative indie-rock song writing ability have become the signatures of Bellingham, Washington’s Acorn Project. As a long time staple on the touring circuit of the Pacific Northwest, the sextet has spent the past three years expanding their region and is a recognizable touring machine on the West Coast, British Columbia, and out through Colorado and the Southwestern United States. ACORN PROJECT IS: Andy Pritiken (guitar/lead vocals) Sam Lax (Saxophone/Percussion/Vocals) Kevin Chryst (Drums) Oskar Kollen (Keys/Vocals 2005) Tristan Curran (Lead Guitar/Vocals 2006) Scott Vaillancourt (Bass 2010) Here is a link to the Acorn Project web site to also include on the page: For reference the band page on the archive is currently here:

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Acorn Project
Jul 27, 2013 Acorn Project
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